Who We Serve

The Office of Hemispheric and Global Affairs (OHGA) works across our schools, colleges, and centers of excellence with the ultimate goal of increasing our hemispheric and global interactions in education, research, innovation and service programs. Some examples of the different support and services that OHGA provides are: 

To Faculty and Staff:  

  • Creating international opportunities for education, research and innovation through partnerships with higher education institutions, private, public sector, and nonprofit organizations; 
  • Developing new opportunities for faculty and staff exchange;
  • Responsible for drafting, vetting and signing of all academic international agreements; 
  • Engaging and supporting different international initiatives proposed by faculty, staff and UM’s leadership aligned with the University of Miami’s Roadmap to Our New Century. 

To Students:  

  • Making connections internally and externally so that UM students have access to more international opportunities and can leverage its unique geographic location at the crossroads of the Americas; 
  • Providing a wide resource for students seeking to engage in the hemisphere and globally; 
  • Generating new opportunities for international internships. 
  • Enhancing connectivity and opportunity for Student Internship Programs with multilateral organisms, NGO’s, government, and business organizations. 
  • Facilitating opportunities for UM Alumni to be in continued engagement and involvement with the university.